Pakistan: “We set up a mobile clinic in my flood-affected village”

An aid worker with Doctors Without Borders talks about losing her home in the floods and providing care in the aftermath

September 6th, 2022: Akeela is part of the MSF teams providing aid in the aftermath of devastating flooding. She’s worked as an outreach counselor with MSF since 2020. Photo: MSF
August 29th, 2022: Akeela’s village, located about 3 miles from Dera Murad Jamali. Photo: MSF

In our mobile clinics, we see patients with respiratory infections, diarrhea, malaria, and skin infections.

The people of my village know my work with MSF well, as I also visited them many times during our outreach activities.

August 29th, 2022: Balochistan is one of the areas hit hardest by monsoon rains and extreme flooding. Photo: MSF



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