Strong words and action needed to protect women’s lives during this pandemic

The awful reality is that more women and girls could die due to disruption of sexual and reproductive health services than to the coronavirus itself

February 2019: In Choloma, in the north of Honduras, an MSF team works at a clinic that offers family planning services, prenatal and postnatal consultations, psychosocial support to victims of violence, as well as assisting deliveries. Health promotion teams visit different sites to raise awareness of the services available and to provide information about sexual and reproductive health for adolescents. Photo: Christina Simons/MSF
January 2019 (L): MSF nurse mentor Chrissie Nasiyo (middle) along with another staff member engage with a group of sex workers during an outreach clinic in Nsanje, Malawi. Photo: Isabel Corthier. | August 2019 (R): In Riohacha, Colombia, MSF provides comprehensive care for women including family planning services and prenatal care for Venezuelan migrants and people returning to Colombia. Photo: Melissa Pracht
January 2019: Sex workers attend a health promotion session conducted in Nsanje, Malawi. Photo: Isabel Corthier/MSF

Medical aid org working globally to assist people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe.

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